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A little bit more about my philosophy and education

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About me

I used to think that if your horse didn't listen when you yanked on the piece of metal in their mouth, you put a meaner one in, you kicked harder and got louder....

I could ride. I had balance and confidence which you have to have when you use force and fight to communicate with your horse, but I had no idea just how much I was missing. How much more there was out there.

My love for Mustang's all started in 2013, when I lost one of my horses to a broken leg. Once I felt ready, I began looking for a new friend for myself and Lance, my horse of 20 years. I quite by accident stumbled upon an ad for a Mustang. He was everything I wasn't looking for; young, wild, sorrel and not at all built for running around barrels. But, I was drawn to him.

I began thinking of what life would be like with this big red Mustang. All the new things I knew I would learn from him intrigued me. Little did I know, he had more in store for me than I had ever imagined. He came with a plethora of fears, issues and bad habits.

I began looking for someone who could help me understand him and teach me how to properly help him. I eventually found Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue and their Wild Horse Boots Camps. After spending a weekend watching this program take place, I adopted another Wild Horse from them with the agreement that I would gentle this horse under their supervision. Spending my time at Lifesavers, working with my newly adopted horse, Blanca and any others they needed help with, I soon realized that this felt natural and normal for me. It felt right. After years of college classes and career changes, looking for my place, I'd finally found it. 

Since this magical moment, I have quit my job and dedicated the last several years to growing as a horsewomen, by educating myself on good horsemanship, equine behavior and gentling and training our Domestic and Wild Horses. It's been an amazing journey. One that has taken me to clinics and ranches, not just in the states, but into Canada as well, to study with some incredible horsemen. I've moved to a beautiful ranch, welcomed a few more mustangs partners into my life and have been lucky enough to help some amazing people and their horses.

I've spent my whole life on the back of a horse, but this is by far the most incredible adventure I've ever allowed a horse to take me on. I look forward to sharing it with you and your horse.

My Mustang Mare, Blanca, during our trip to James Creek Ranch to study with Jonathan Field.