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Wild Horse Diaries

Build Your Horses Up; Don't Break Them Down

This is the face of a very worried and fearful horse. He's allowing me into positions that make him feel very vulnerable and he isn't confident that my intentions are where I say they are.

Today's Lesson on Intent

Today was a good reminder on intent. Horses can read your intentions very well. Something about my body language was different today and he instantly saw it.

Sign Unveiling for The Wild Hope

Thursday (6-28) was a very exciting day for us. We unveiled our new sign for The Wild Hope Ranch.

June 9th Wild Horse Play Day

The Mustangs teach you so much about equine language, how to be patient, how to have confidence and to be empathetic. You learn to be a firm, bur fair leader.

Horsemanship Clinic with Donna West

What a wonderful turn out for our first riding clinic at The Wild Hope Ranch

Magic at Wild Horse Boot Camp 2018

I’m so grateful for the path thats in front of me. It’s a dirt road, covered in hoof prints and manure- one that most may never notice or even want to explore- but I’m truly grateful to be traveling along it and I’m so thankful to the Wild Horses and the Wild Women that showed it me and for the ones I meet along the way.

Wild Horse Boot Camp 2018

That weekend eventually sent me on a path that has taken me not just out of state, but all the way into another country, with my noble steed at my side, so that I could learn from some amazing horsemen. I'm very proud of that education and the horsewomen I'm becoming.

One Step At A Time

We are now going on four months at The Wild Hope and while day to day things feel like they are barely moving forward; there are moments when I am reminded to take a step back and allow myself to feel proud of how it’s coming along.

Women's Wild Horse Empowerment Journey

A picture of me with Spicy Girl from our Women's Wild Horse Empowerment Journey over Labor Day Weekend. I was happy with this one because it reminded me of how important these weekends can be; for horse and human.

Western States Horse Expo

Excited to learn from my favorite horseman and teacher, Jonathan Field, this weekend at the Western States Horse Expo in Pomona.

Zuya's First Ride

Zuya had his first ride today. Good ground work makes the first ride so easy and fun.