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Lessons learned and experiences shared with wild and domestic horses and their people.

Build Your Horses Up; Don't Break Them Down

This is the face of a very worried and fearful horse. He's allowing me into positions that make him feel very vulnerable and he isn't confident that my intentions are where I say they are.

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Today's Lesson on Intent

Today was a good reminder on intent. Horses can read your intentions very well. Something about my body language was different today and he instantly saw it.

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Magic at Wild Horse Boot Camp 2018

I’m so grateful for the path thats in front of me. It’s a dirt road, covered in hoof prints and manure- one that most may never notice or even want to explore- but I’m truly grateful to be traveling along it and I’m so thankful to the Wild Horses and the Wild Women that showed it me and for the ones I meet along the way.

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Wild Horse Boot Camp 2018

That weekend eventually sent me on a path that has taken me not just out of state, but all the way into another country, with my noble steed at my side, so that I could learn from some amazing horsemen. I'm very proud of that education and the horsewomen I'm becoming.

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Zuya's First Ride

Zuya had his first ride today. Good ground work makes the first ride so easy and fun.

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